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Find the exceptional works  original from


exhibited from January 8 to February 4, 2022

at the gallery and online.

Rong Guo was born in Shanghai in 1979. She completed her undergraduate degree in visual communication in 2001 at Shanghai University. Wishing to perfect her technique in engraving as in painting, she arrived in France in 2003 and was enrolled at the School of Fine Arts in Versailles. For 5 years, she has specialized in printmaking and in 2009, she graduated with honors. Since then, she has worked at the Contrepoint workshop in Paris.

Apart from joy of living, humor also emanates from her creative compositions in which her inventiveness is revealed. Young women, seated or standing, appearing to be performing a lively dance, bury their faces under a profusion of unusual elements assembled in a sometimes whirlwind stunning. There are also ubiquitous and insignificant objects that form a frantic circle, jostling, overlapping. Hidden under the appearance of delightful aura, it seems that, the repetitive weight of life and the load to be supported are overwhelming at times, that we no longer want to see.

In 2020, she was awarded the Kiyoshi Hasegawa Prize which is founded by Janine Buffard and Yves Dodeman, in homage to their great-uncle, the painter and engraver Kiyoshi Hasegawa (1891 - 1980). This prize is awarded to an in-resident artist in France who will have to present ten monochrome prints.


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