DOODLE BOY / 30 Days

#Day: 01 - 08

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Karl SHU

Artist - Karl, 4 years old, lives with his family in Puteaux, France.

Karl, the "Doodle Boy", often scribbles on his notebooks, boxes, cups, etc. His parents always support his enthusiasm. They decided to let him take a painting course after school and take him to the art museum in Paris to give him a chance to improve his skills.

Out of concerns about the Covid-19, Karl’s paintings, which were posted on social networks with a strong personality, caught LooLooLook’s attention, and LooLooLook decided to hold an online solo exhibition for our young artist.

The solo exhibition "Doodle Boy / 30 Days" shows Karl's paintings for 30 days. In retrospect, we would know and understand what he saw around him and how he felt during the second blockade in France.

We wish you a nice discovery!