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" Nice to meet you, I'm NIKOLAI !"


TOL Nikolai

3 years old, Munich, Germany


Nikolai creates out of his world with magical simplicity, whether it's cheerful fingerprints or exciting marker strokes on the paper.

Ms. Rainbow

I love a rainbow! If you asked me: what is my favorite color? I would answer you: all!
The rainbow includes bright colors, which inspires Nik to create new bright art works.

A 4, finger paints on paper

The little bear is not afraid.

I don't like darkness.
This little bear goes back home and it's getting dark. He doesn't like darkness like me. So that he catches two fireflies to light the way home.


A 4, oil pastel and black marker on paper

Nikolai says: "..., and YOU?"

Dialogues with our artistic languages


I am waiting for winter.

My big wish is to build a big snowman outside in our garden.

So I just painted a snowman. Why not have a snowman right now?

Painting fulfills the wishes and what is your wish?

Finger paintings on 24x34 paper

The other artists in the exhibition answer "..."

Ancre niko dit
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