Interview with Aiden G.

Artist - Aiden G. (10, autistic child) expresses both his poetic imaginations and his arduous confrontation with the world in his artworks. It is moving and impressive!

Discover the talent, the new outlook and the exceptional career of Kid-Artist Aiden G.

(In interview A = Aiden G.)

: Knock Knock, who is Aiden Gamez? Can you please introduce yourself?
A :

 Hi, my name is Aiden and I'm ten years old.  I'm born in 2010.  What year are you?


Aiden loves to find out when people were born.  He has a passion for timelines and dates so much that he's won awards for it in school through his special needs program exclusively for autistic children.

: What is your background?
A :

I'm an artist. I make paintings and drawings and effects and animations and sculptures. I like music.  I play instruments and I dance.


As a low-verbal child with a cognitive disability, Aiden expresses himself most easily through his art and his interpretive dancing.

: What inspires you?
A :

People. Ideas. My thoughts. I like Klasky Csupo and animators. I learn about logos and companies; Microsoft is the best one.  I learn their history.  I like Jim Henson and puppets. I like good ideas.


Aiden spends hours a week viewing documentaries on the history of companies like Mocrosoft, Disney, Nintendo, Jim Henson's Muppets, etc.  He often takes notes and draws ideas along with them and makes and animates their logos on his tablet as he listens and learns their strategies, the things that worked and the things that did not.  He's aspiring to be an engineer one day in a way he can combine his artistry.

: What are you trying to tell us in your drawing?
A :

How I felt.  About the world.  My dreams.  Mostly happy, sometimes sad.  I my art.

: At your age, children often draw, paint, sculpt, etc..., why do you like to do digital art?
A :

The colors.  The lights and they move.  Cool sounds.  I make them alive.  I like to paint.  Mostly I like effects though.

: Of all your art works (drawing, Pop Art, Digital Art, etc…), which one is your favorite, and why?
A :

I'm a creator.  I'm a maker.  An engineer.

Digital art is most definitely his favorite.  He spends hours creating. 

: Who is your favorite artist, and Why?
A :

Pablo Picasso. He made what he sees.

: Being creative is important for artists. How do you stay creative?
A :

I make art every day.  I never stop.

: Art means lots of different things to different people. What does art mean to you?
A :

Creating.  And imagination...and no rules.

: You like to draw, and what else?
A :

Dancing.  Making music.  Going to the museums.  Family day.

: Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? An artist?
A :

An engineer. With my art. I want to make things.


He wants to learn applied sciences and technology in relation to animation, game design and effects.

: Dear Aiden, thank you very much for accepting our interview! We wish you a bright future! See you soon.
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