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Dotted doodleland

Alexandre LERAY


A dive into the heart of a whimsical universe, this is what the Parisian artist ALL offers you, from October 30, 2021 in our brand new contemporary art gallery LooLooLook.

When his Rotring points the tip of his nose, the artist wants you to travel, make you smile or quite simply tell you a story without an end point.

His point of honor? The almost exclusive use of the point. This famous point which allows him to perform precision work by playing with light and relief.

The starting point of his artistic adventure originates from the first confinement. This period pushed him to discover his own doodling world.

With its finest point, it affixes its points in a strategic and meticulous manner. Between realism and humor, each of his compositions is nourished by his experiences, passions, feelings or environments to which he is attached.

Both abundant and rich in good humor, his work is unprecedented in its conception.

Music player

Escape, push back your limits, contemplate your memories, give way to the wanderings of your ideas, your mind, your imagination. This is how I imagine music. And you ?

- Illustration done on arches paper 300 gr landscape format 76 x 58 cm
- Rotring isograph 0.1, Indian ink and poscas
- Pointillism technique and felt painting
- 2 months of work

Unique piece - Price on request

Navy blue


- Illustration made on 300gr arches paper, landscape format 76 x 58 cm

- Rotring isograph 0.1, Indian ink

- Pointillism technique

- In progress after 200 hours of work

Unique piece - Price on request