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Intellectual property and neighboring rights


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“LooLooLook Gallery”


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This site is published by LooLooLook Gallery.

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The “LooLooLook” technical team


"Cookies" refer to a block of data used to record data of Internet users on browsers. "Cookies" do not identify any Internet user.

The “LooLooLook” Gallery informs Internet users that the “cookies” may be  installed automatically on their Internet browser software.

The search engine may inform users of the existence of "cookies" and possibly rejection depending on instructions of different browsers of Internet users.

Intellectual property

This whole site is protected by French and international legislation in terms of copyright and intellectual property. All reproduction rights are reserved, whether in forms of texts or images. Reproductions of this site, partially or entirely, on paper or electronically, are only authorized for personal and private use in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Property Code. Therefore, any reproduction, representation, utilization, adaptation, modification, incorporation, translation, marketing, partially or entirely, by any process and through any medium whatsoever (paper, digital, etc.), is prohibited without written permission of the “LooLooLook”, under penalty of copyright and / or designs and / or trademark in infringement, with a two-year imprisonment as punishment, but with an exception in Article L 122.5 of the Intellectual Property Code.

Modification of mentions

The “LooLooLook” Gallery reserves the right to modify the present document at any time without notice. The effective and applicable version of document is shown in the "Legal Notice" section of the Site on the day of every visit. The “LooLooLook” Gallery therefore welcomes Internet users to check this document regularly.

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