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A space of full of emotion, creation, and imagination, but also a place to meet and exchange with contemporary artists from around the world.

LooLooLook Gallery, a young contemporary art gallery, has been established in the 1st arrondissement of Paris at 12 Rue de la Sourdière since 2021.

We create a space of emotion, creation, imagination, but also a place for exchange for contemporary artists from around the world, by offering monthly solo or group exhibitions.

The identity of LooLooLook Gallery lies in the promotion of predominantly emerging young international artists, as well as established artists practicing eclectic styles and media, ranging from printmaking to ceramics, from painting to graffiti, or even video installations.

All these exhibitions contribute to fostering and perpetuating artistic relationships between Asia and the West.

LooLooLook Gallery is a member of the "Professional Committee of Art Galleries (France)" and the "Printemps Asiatique Paris".

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