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The playful soul

Find the works ceramics and serigraphs of


LooLooLook Gallery's new exhibition, “The Playful Soul” presents Kartini Thomas' ceramic and silkscreen works that invite you to explore the endless imaginary world.

Kartini Thomas is an American artist who graduated from ENSAD (Paris) and Reed University (Portland, USA). She lives and works on the Ile d'Oléron. Alien, traveler, mad scientist, Kartini uses ceramics and drawing to create alternative landscapes, inhabited by charming or disturbing creatures.

Kartini is inspired by his previous research in biology, Japanese monsters and modular toys to create playful and surprising shapes. A series of ceramic firings at different temperatures allow for a rich array of textures and colors. His serigraphs with complex patterns and pop colors, published in very limited series, present an opulent and teeming universe like a Petri dish under the microscope.

Kartini THOMAS

From February 5 to March 4, 2022

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