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昼夜晨暮-夜. Night . 2014. 100cm×140cm .布面油画.  Oil on Canvas.赵梦歌.jpg.jpg

Eternal grace

Find the exceptional works of

Meng Ge ZHAO

Online Solo Exhibition from February 16 to May 31, 2023



Through its sensitive and poetic paintings, the Parisian gallery LooLooLook intends to highlight the work of the Chinese artist MengGe ZHAO(赵梦歌)and delight the French public on the occasion of the personal exhibition "Eternal Grace" from February 16 to March 5, 2023, in the warm space of 12 rue de la Sourdière, Paris 1er. The online exhibition until May 31, 2023.

Painting for this artist is an encounter between three aspirations: artistic, philosophical and spiritual. His art is the fruit of a fusional and reflective encounter between the West and China. She describes with great sensitivity the expression of emotions and moods as well as the depth of Taoist spirituality based on the unity of Man and Nature. This research leads her towards an exploration of human origin and its universal values.

Artistically, she transformed herself from a maker of dreams into a creator of an ideal world, through the sublimated body of the woman. Their graceful shapes evoke Sanyu (常玉), Pan Yuliang (潘玉良) as much as Matisse, a subtle osmosis between Asian and Western inspirations.

Her process of building, or rather of recreating this "ideal world" is deeply happy, symbolized by feminine grace: their hands are transformed into innumerable tentacles eager for knowledge, gift and sharing, their appeased maternal gaze is turned towards the hope and graceful movements of
their bodies demonstrate their generosity.

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