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Duo exhibition at the gallery and online

from July 5 to 17, 2022

“And when the evening mist clothes the edge of the river with poetry […] – and a magical land lies before us – the passer-by hurries towards his home, worker and thinker; the wise and the man of pleasure cease to understand as they have ceased to see, and nature, which for once has changed justly, sings an exquisite song for the artist alone”
James Whistler

From July 5 to 17, 2022, the duo exhibition "Rêver la nuit" at the LooLooLook Gallery brings together two exceptional artists: Jing WANG and Yannick BERNEDE , they have tried in this exhibition to give form to the substance of the night, to the expression of its phenomenological presence. Their two worlds rub shoulders there and respond to each other in a dialogue between space and its representation, at the crossroads of their two cultures.

Animals surround us and are central to our lives. Those we domesticate are companions, friends, almost members of our family. We develop a deep attachment to them, while others continue to inspire fear. But whether they are affectionate or formidable, fascinating or adorable, we are now becoming aware of the need to protect them all. They are also a source of great visual richness and continue to inspire artists. Through marvelous and colorful works,Kyoko DUFAUX, Tami KUO and Julia NIELSEN, the three artists presented during this collective exhibition pay homage to animals with humor and fantasy while inviting greater vigilance towards them.

Dream at night

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