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1 Kimi no kotobade hanashiga shitai 2022 oil F25.JPG

Immersive exhibition

from November 3 to 20, 2022

The duo exhibition "Au fil des saisons..." at LooLooLook Gallery brings together two Japanese artists:Kazumi SHIMODEandKyoko DUFAUX, proposes to show the emotional and deep links which unite humans to nature, accompanied by music byFabien Anselme, independent musician .

Representing plants, animals and humans, including themes are linked to the four seasons of the year, these works all testify to this particular sensitivity and receptivity Japanese in the face of nature. Natural representations which are not simple decorative motifs, but which are associated with a symbolism established by poets for centuries.

On the occasion of this duo exhibition, LooLooLook Gallery collaborates with the independent musician to create an immersive journey by crossing paintings and music: sound visit. This experience amplifies and enriches the journey throughout the exhibition.

LooLooLook Gallery invites visitors to project themselves into intimacy paintings, to open their eyes and ears to appreciate the

common sensibilities of these three artists.

Over the seasons...

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