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Kid Artist exceptional without limit

Aiden G.

Artist - Aiden G. (10, autistic child) expresses both his poetic imaginations and his arduous confrontation with the world in his artworks. It is moving and impressive!

Aiden G. expresses himself freely using all the techniques for his artworks: painting, drawing, sculpture, animation, etc. Let’s discover the talent, the new look and the exceptional career of kid artist Aiden G.


I am WHO am I

Exceptional child

At the age of 1, Aiden suffered from a brain injury due to a vaccine, and lost his eye contact, focus, and communication with others. He was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3.

From then on, Aiden began to paint eagerly. We were surprised and happy to appreciate his remarkable painting. His artworks were so well-arranged and delicately-made that it aroused the interest of adults and other local artists in our community. He sold his first series of paintings at the age of 3.

Outstanding journey of art

In the next few years, Aiden began to express himself through his artworks in different formats and styles ranging from drawing to sculpture, from pop art to digital art.

He learnt to make cartoons all on his own, therefore able to create very graphic and digital animations. Over time, he also developed his love for music including many instruments and interpretative dance. At school, after his discovery of Picasso and Kandinsky, Aiden began his own work of homage and artistic exploration in the abstract and cubism.

Aiden has been published and his artworks were presented in galleries. He was even interviewed on television for his extraordinary works despite his cognitive handicap, which enabled more young individuals with special needs to be seen and heard in a new light.

His parents being artists, Aiden was raised and educated in a caring and artistic environment. He dreamed of being a freelance engineer and artist, and continued to express himself freely through his art.


We wish Aiden a great artistic future, for Aiden to be what you are!

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