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between engravings and drawings

Catherine Gillet

Catherine Gillet (born in 1960, in Le Blanc, Indre), graduated from the ESAD in Orléans (DNSEP Art, 1984), currently lives and works in the countryside, near Dreux.

The artist is best known for her chisel engravings with enigmatic shapes that are both tense and evanescent, and her drawings where the tumult seems to tear itself away from the void.

Microcosm and macrocosm are at the heart of all the artist's work. The precise incisions of the chisel guide towards the tiny and the intimate, thanks to the long time of writing in the flesh of the copper.

The liberated gesture of drawing on large banners of Japanese paper or pasted on canvas imposes the reading of fragments of a fragmented world.

Everything is movement, everything is in suspense. Space and time are over. Organic and mineral come together in the quest to become one with infinity.

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