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4-Ligne-de-crete-100x100-2019-Sophie Bloch.jpg

Solo exhibition May 01 - May 21, 2023


Sophie Bloch

Sophie Bloch is a French artist fascinated by the sea whose exclusive medium is ultramarine blue.

Sophie Bloch's artistic approach is often compared to that of Pierre Soulages. If she uses a single color for her compositions, she moves away from the sobriety and rigor of black to explore the infinite shades of ultramarine and evoke emotions and sensations, to create imaginary landscapes that take us far from our everyday world.

In short, Sophie Bloch's art is an invitation to a poetic journey into a universe imbued with spirituality. His works are elixirs of color that will transport you to an unknown elsewhere, where pure beauty and wonder are the only things that matter.

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