Interview with Nicholas

Artist - Nicholas, 9, lives on a barrier island in Southeastern North Carolina with his family.


Nicholas is a very creative and energetic artist. He is inspired by Greek Mythology, Primitive Art, Japanese Folklore and Wilderness.

Our talented artist loves to experiment with all kinds of media, mainly using a mixture of acrylic, markers and spray paint.

We invite you to discover Nicholas' exceptional universe of his talented trait blending bright colors, primitive graphics and symbols.

"The power of the imagination. The magic of creation."

- LooLooLook

(In the interview N = Nicholas)

 : Hi Nicholas, how are you? Can you introduce yourself, please?
N   :

Hi I’m Nicholas, my friend call me Nico. I’m nine year old. I’m a big fan of reptiles, Kaiju and mythical creatures. I’m an artist.

: At what age did you start painting? What does painting give you?
N  :

I was 8 when I started painting on canvas, but I have been drawing since I was little. When I paint I feel relaxed, through painting I can bring out into the world all the creatures and colors I made up in my mind.

: What inspires you?
N  :

Mostly Greek mythology, primitive art, Japanese folklore, Kaiju. I’m also very interested in wildlife and the Australia continent.

 : You often paint dragons, animals, and mythical creatures. What are you trying to tell us?
N  :

I’m very interested in mythology and other cultures like Greek, Mayan and Egyptian, they created many fantastic creatures and I like to create some of my own.

: You have used many bright and powerful colors. What color represents you?
N  :

Purple, red and green, I think bright colors represent me the best.

 : Nicholas, who is your favorite artist, and Why?
N :

I really like Robert Nava, his paintings are very bright and big. Sharing my art on Instagram I was able to find and connect with many other talented artists from all over the world and that’s amazing.

: Creativity is important when drawing and painting. How do you stay creative?
N   :

I like drawing and checking other artists’ works. I have many journals and notebooks were I keep my drawings or notes about things I find interesting.

 : Art means lots of different things to different people. What does art mean to you?

I think art for me is how people express themselves in a universal language that connects all of us. Lots of colors, new ideas and no barriers. Art is the best!

 : You like drawing and painting, and what else?
N :

I like reading, skateboarding, riding my bike, football and traveling to the mountains. I also like my school and cats.

 : Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? 
N :

I want to be an artist … and a zoologist!

 : Would you like your artworks to be exhibited in Gallery / Museum (online/offline) to share your emotions and your artistic universe with other artists of the world?
N :

Yes, I’m looking forward to one day being able to show my artworks in galleries and connect with other international artists! That’s my dream!

: Nicholas, thank you very much for accepting our interview! We wish you a wonderful future! See you soon.
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