Interview with Nikolai

Artist - Nikolai , 3, lives in Munich, Germany with his family.

Nikolai has his own artistic vision, his own understanding of the world. His limitless imagination enables him to create a beautiful world with magical simplicity, whether it is a pleasant creation with fingers, or an expression of passion with colorful pencils, markers or brushes.

(In the interview N = Nikolai)

: Hi Nikolai, how are you doing? Can you introduce yourself, please?
N :

My name is Nikolai. I'm 3 years old. I enjoy spending time with my parents and my little brother Michael. We dance, paint, draw, play with toys, go around, look cartoons, read books and make a lot of other funny things together.

: At what age did you begin to paint and draw?
N :

I don’t remember me starting painting or drawing. I’ve been always doing that. My mom says I was one year old when I started painting with fingers.
With 2 years I got my first gelcrayons, markers and oil pastels. I was so happy about it!

: You create so many funny characters. Can you tell us what inspires you?
N :

I can spend a lot of time looking at different kind of insects, sea creatures and other animals in our garden, on TV or in our books! We have many books about the nature, animals, insects, our planet, the universe. When I play with paints and colors, I tell stories about things around me that I love. It is just as exciting as learning new things!

: What are the colors you prefer? What do they make you feel?
N :

The rainbow! I love the colors of the rainbow!

Sometimes we look all together through our window at the huge rainbow over the houses and trees. It
is magical.

: Creativity is important when drawing and painting. How do you stay creative?
N :

I enjoy it, it's my great passion!

When painting or drawing, I tell stories just like Charlie in Charlie's Colorforms City – His imaginative journeys are fascinating!

 : Who is your favorite artist ( or your favorite cartoon character), why ?
N :

My little brother likes to paint with bright colors just like me! My favorite cartoon characters are the little Bheem and Charlie. They are very funny.

 : You like drawing and painting, and what else?
N :

I like everything! Going to playgrounds, playing with my favorite toys, looking at insects, birds, fishes and other creatures. I like playing with numbers and playing on piano. I like my books about water animals, our universe. I like to watch cartoons. I like being with my family. And I am a sweet tooth person. Just love it!

 : Do you know what you want to be when you grow up? An Artist?
N :

Yes! I want to become an architect and to design buildings.

 : Would you like your artworks to be exhibited in Gallery / Museum (online/offline) to share your emotions and your artistic universe with other artists of the world ?
N :

My mom is always so happy about our gallery at home. Every painting tells a story. So I am very happy too to tell my stories to other people!

: Nikolai, thank you very much for accepting our interview! We wish you a bright future! See you soon !
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