Interview with Jacques

Artist - Jacques , 7 years old, he was born in Suresnes and currently lives with his family in Australia.

Drawing is Jacques' passion, in particular drawing fire engines. Life, nature, sport, family and his friend inspire him every day.


"Have Fun" is Jacques' passion, which means sharing his imagination and his happiness with everyone.


The heart is good when it is wholly open.

(In the interview J = Jacques)

: Can you introduce yourself, Jacques?
J :

My name is Jacques, I am French and Australian. I have lived in Puteaux since I was born and now I have lived in Melbourne since last year. I'm almost 8 years old.

: Why do you like to draw?
J :

It's my passion, I think it's really fun.

: What is your background ?
J :

Me, my life, is that I am always interested in machines, vehicles. I like camping, reading comics (Dogman, Captain Underpants) and 'I like reading'.

: What inspires you ?
J :

Sometimes I look at things and sometimes I invent things in my head.

: Do you have artists who inspire you?
J :

Not really. But I've had a friend for a very long time, he's an artist, he draws really well, I like his drawings and his creations, it's really creative, lots of colors and details.

: Why do you often draw cars or helicopters? And more specifically fire engines?
J :

Because that's what I love for a very long time, it's something that I love to do. Fire engines, yes, I love it. What's more, I may be a firefighter or a fighter pilot.

: In your EXPO, which drawing do you prefer, and why?
J :

I like this one, my self-portrait, it's fun to draw. There are a lot of details and colors.

: Do you like to draw, and what else?
J :

I like cycling, sailing.

: What are your views on contemporary creation
J :

I have no opinion...

: We will ask you this question in ten years lol.
Thank you very much for accepting our interview, Jacques! And thank you for sharing a wonderful moment with us, and good luck!
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