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Series  "Cloud" is one of Ryosuke's flagship works. He has a charming expression that makes us smile as if he's holding a cloud above his head and pointing at his mouth. The smooth milky white texture is also distinctive. He skillfully manipulates the hard porcelain to fully express the softness of the clouds.

Snow Box 2 ° - Ando Ryosuke

  • Unique piece 

    Materials: Casting  porcelain slip
    A method of forming pottery using plaster molds instead of the potter's wheel. The fluid slip solidifies as the plaster mold absorbs moisture from the clay. This method is suitable for mass production. It can be divided into two general methods: die casting and slip casting.

    Dimensions:  7x8CM,  H12 CM

    Weight: 240g

    Guarantee: Sold with certificate of authenticity

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