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These are the Birds, hence their name, which inspired me these winged shapes. These free, independent beings, guided by their instinct, that I admire so much. Each piece is unique because it is shaped in the present moment. They therefore each have their own shape and personality. Everyone can find the shape that will remind them of their own history.


The Birds are made of stoneware, high temperature earth, and fired twice, which guarantees their waterproofing. They are raw on the outside and shiny transparent enamel on the inside. They can therefore accommodate a few flowers, a pretty branch or be displayed as an Art Deco object in your interior.

Bird vase in Anse - Stéphanie Petit

  • Sand color

    Unique piece 

    Materials: Sandstone  chamotte

    Transparent shiny enamel inside

    Can accommodate water

    Dimensions: ~ H 19.5 xl 17 cm

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