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I want to be crustacean

from June 4 to 30 at the gallery and online

LooLooLook Art Gallery and MONO Japanese Art Gallery present

From June 4 to June 30, 2022, the Japanese collective exhibition "I want to be crustacean" at Galerie LooLooLook, in partnership with Galerie MONO Japanese Art, brings together a set of six exceptional Japanese contemporary artists and ceramists: MATSUDA Eriko, ASO Rando , FUJINO Sēichiro, IMANISHI Hirotake, MOMOSE Reia, SAGO Michiko , some of which will be unveiled to the French public for the first time.

This collective exhibition feeds on multiple influences and cultures; if it is based on ink painting, it also faces the mirror of modern culture and contemporary poetic creation.

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