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Online Charity Sale,
LooLooLook Gallery&Kids Art needs you!


Support our actions, participate in our charity sale! From November 2, 2022, we are relaunching our online charity sale. Two young artists, Joshua TSE and Gloria SHEK, have donated their paintings in our charity sale fundraising event for Ronald McDonald House Hong Kong.


LooLooLook Gallery&Kids Art have been engaging in community services around our neighborhoods by offering children free art workshops, nurturing their art talent. Since COVID, we brightened the children's days through our classes, and that become a crucial support during the pandemic. Now is time we need you! See you at the event!

Exhibited artists


Joshua Benjamin TSE

Hi ! I am Joshua from Hong Kong.  I am so happy to share with you some of my recent paintings which I want to dedicate to the annual fund raising event of Ronald McDonald Charities of Hong Kong .


Out of my many interests, I really love oil painting which allows me to express my creativity and admiration of the cosmo !

Painting is very soothing for me specially when they can bring me to the tranquility of space travel or exploring the beauty of the black holes. 


Do you want to know the beginning of the universe ? Please buckle up and let's start our journey together !


Gloria Shek Hoi Ching

I am Gloria and I am 13 years old. I’ve started drawing at a young age and kept it going until
now. I have explored many different mediums like oils, acrylics, watercolour and sketch. Over
the pandemic I started drawing manga-like art digitally (on the ipad and on the wacom) and
traditionally. I enjoy the process of every art piece I make as it is my passion and hobby. I
learnt how to sing and play the harp since I was 5 and still am today. I achieved a grade 7 in
singing so far.

I really like animals, so all of my pieces are animal related. I’ve never tried drawing with only
shapes (The Family of Musical Koalas) and the Pup was the first animal I drew. I hope you
enjoy the pieces I’ve created!!

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