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Spontaneous expression

from the oriental spirit to the West.



Contemporary Chinese artist residing in France since 2004, Zhao Biru has been imbued with an artistic environment since his childhood. Her father, painter, calligrapher and poet introduced her to painting from an early age, then she trained at Nanking high school in the Fine Arts section. After obtaining her Baccalaureate, she entered the Institute of Design at Jiangnan University in Wuxi for four years, where she obtained a master's degree in drawing-graphic design.

After a period of teaching at Jinling Keji University in Nanjing, she entered the Shanghai School of Fine Arts in 2003 and rediscovered herself. From then on, she will direct her painting towards abstraction.

Fascinated by France, she decided to learn French and applied to the Higher School of Art and Design in Amiens where she was accepted in 2004 and obtained in 2007 the higher national diploma of plastic expression.  


Since the end of the 90s, Zhao Biru has participated in numerous exhibitions both in China and in Paris. In 2003 she presented her first exhibition at the Art Scene China Gallery in Shanghai.  She is one of the best Chinese graphic designers: in 1998, two of her posters were selected for the Beijing Design Museum and for the catalog of the collective exhibition "the 100 best Chinese graphic designers of the twentieth century". In 2006, Les Editions des Beaux-Arts Populaires de Shanghai devoted a book to his work on ink. She says she is inspired by Chinese artists like Si Lin Fengniam and Liu Haisu. She is also interested in the work of Marcel Duchamp, Pierre Soulages and Antoni Tàpies. Her last exhibition to date was in February 2020 at the Grand Palais in Paris.  

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