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October 25 - 29, 2023

Hong Kong Horizons: Exploring Artistic Diversity

Cary CHAN, Joshua TSE, Gloria SHEK

Welcome to the exhibition “Hong Kong Horizons: Exploring Artistic Diversity” where we explore a unique artistic odyssey in Hong Kong, highlighting three exceptional artists:Cary Chan, Joshua Tse and Gloria Shek. This exhibition celebrates the diversity of artistic expressions in Hong Kong, from captivating oil paintings to creations dedicated to charitable causes, to the multidisciplinary explorations of a talented young artist.



Cary Chan is a Hong Kong-based artist with a background in Western art. She is highly skilled in oil painting and tole painting, and her dedication to these art forms shines through her extensive experience teaching painting and directing student exhibits. their works in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Cary's passion for metal painting led her to travel abroad to study different styles, inspiring her to skillfully integrate the traditions of the West and East into her work. As a result, his paintings exhibit a unique and captivating style of his own, characterized by an innovative approach to artistic design, composition, brushwork and use of color.

Cary has published two books, "The Arts of Metal Painting by Cary Chan" (2010) and "Conference on the Arts of Metal Painting by Cary Chan" (2014), which reflect his deep knowledge and passion for this art form.


Joshua from Hong Kong is a Grade 9 student currently studying in a US boarding school. Known for his intelligence, curiosity, and creativity, Joshua is passionate about paintings, physics and politics. During his leisure time, he enjoys playing chess and expressing himself through painting.
For Joshua, painting is more than just an art form; it is a way to express his curiosity, care, and point of view. 

As a young artist, he likes to combine different fields, such as art, science, and sports. One of his recent summer projects involved using ping pong art to illustrate Chaos Theory. In addition to being a talented artist, Joshua also uses his skills to contribute to society. He participated in the 'Uniting Care- The Sky Mural' project, which aimed to raise awareness about social inclusion and harmony for students with special educational needs. He also had the opportunity to exhibit his works at the Young Artist Division of Art Capital Paris in 2023, which further fueled his passion for painting and sharing his love for it.

Ultimately, Joshua believes that everyone sees the world differently, and he encourages others to share their perspectives. He reminds us to ask ourselves, "to be or not to be?" and asks us to examine whether we are truly seeing the world around us.


Gloria SHEK

GLORIA SHEK is a passionate young artist currently residing and studying in the vibrant academic atmosphere of the United Kingdom. Gloria is a dedicated (currently) Year 10 student at Cheltenham Ladies' College in Cheltenham, UK.

Originally hailing from Hong Kong, Gloria's educational odyssey began at the International School Foundation Academy, where she honed her foundational skills from 2014 (Foundation 3) until 2020 (Year 5). During this time, she delved further into the world of art, exploring various mediums such as Oil Paint, Acrylics, Watercolour, and sketching, showcasing a keen interest and dedication to her craft. Her passion for artistic expression continued to flourish as she started to draw manga in 2020, adding a new dimension to her creative repertoire.

Notably, she showcased her work at the Asian Art of Decorative Painting Exhibition in Taiwan from 01/07/2019 to 01/13/2019, followed by another remarkable display at the Hong Kong Central Library from 03/08/2019 to 03/11/2019. These experiences not only exposed her to diverse artistic perspectives but also allowed her to contribute meaningfully to the art community.

In recognition of her artistic abilities, on 05/03/2022 when she was awarded an art scholarship at Cheltenham Ladies' College. This prestigious scholarship not only reflects her dedication but also serves as a testament to her potential as an emerging artist.

With a passion for creativity, Gloria Shek stands as a promising artist, ready to make her mark on the world of art. Her journey is a testament to her talent, determination and unwavering commitment to artistic excellence.

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