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"Nice to meet you, I'm CHLOE !"

Artist & illustrator

Litvinchuk Chloe

8 years old, Belarus, Brest.


Chloe loves nature and animals very much, what can be seen in her art works.


When she grows up, she wants to be illustrator of child's books and books about animals. Chloe wants to draw good and funny characters, create beautiful illustrations and interesting stories about them!


And her dream is to run nonprofit animal shelter in the future and help them.


Her motto is “It's only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye”. Little prince ...

My museum

In this museum you can see what Chloe loves most of all!

A4, used watercolor pencils, ink and glitter pens.

Me and my fantasy

In this drawing, Chloe wants to show that she really enjoys drawing and imagining her characters!


A4, colored pencils and ink pens.

Chloe says, "..., and YOU?"

Dialogues with our artistic languages

Let's go on an adventure with friends.

In this drawing animals are depicted as people! Best friends fly for adventure.


A4, used soft pastel, gouache, ink pens and colored pencils.

The other artists in the exhibition answer "..."

Ancre chlo dit
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