Online Collective Exhibition



As E.H.Gombrich says, ‘There really is no such a thing as Art. There are only artists.’ Art embodies artists’ inner world and embraces diversity, bringing people’s hearts together. Among all, works of children artists are the most precious media of purity, vitality and authenticity.


The Online Collective Exhibition of LoolooLook brings together four young artists of different cultural backgrounds, who will present their artworks and exchange ideas and feelings with other artists interactively. Let’s see how the power of youth and collision of ideas will take place!



Chloe, an 8-year-old artist & illustrator, has a vivid imagination. She is thus capable of bringing everything to life: characters, environments, particular scenes, etc. Whether in composition, colors, drawing or light, her talent reaches the ceiling.


You will discover the world of the imagination of Chloe free of borders.


Edvard, a 4-year-old artist, prefers to paint shapes using colors freely, including primary or secondary colors. This freedom given by his malleable language also appeared vividly in his improvisations and compositions!


Let your imagination run wildly while appreciating Edvard's abstract paintings!


Nikolai, a 3-year-old artist, creates his world with magical simplicity, through not only cheerful fingerprints but exciting marker strokes on paper as well.

Come and discover Nikolai's artistic and unique journey.


Zoha, a 6-year-old artist, is strongly inspired by the POP Art color combinations. She loves to emphasize the contrast of colors that are either bright or soft. She seeks and creates her own style of POP Art by mixing Mexican Art and Bohème Art.


We invite you to discover the energetic and colorful universe of Zoha.