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" Nice to meet you, I'm EDVARD !"



4 years old, Yerevan, Armenia.


Edvard started painting at the age of one. He likes to represent shapes using colors freely, primary or secondary colors. This freedom of plastic language is very evident in his improvisations and compositions!

Edvard's abstract paintings precisely indicate the tendency for the direct expression of individual emotion. Through Edvard colors, we feel the passion and energy that gives wings to our dreams!

My world
I love racing cars, lollipops and donuts.

A4, acrylic and markers.


It is Dragon who can make fire and can also make bombs.

A4, Bubble technique, collage and watercolor adding salt.

Edvard says: "..., and YOU?"

Dialogues with our artistic languages

Sweet dreams

I love listening to fairy tails before sleeping, it's like my fairy tails, my dreams.

A4, Technical bubbles

The other artists in the exhibition answer "..."

Ancre edvard dit
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