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" Nice to meet you, I'm ZOHA !"



6 years old, Sri Lankan, UAE


Zoha is very inspired by the POP Art color combinations. She loves to emphasize the contrast of colors that are both bright and soft. She seeks and creates her own style of POP Art by mixing Mexican Art and Bohème Art.

I love gardening.

I love gardening and plants. In this painting, I have drawn the indoor cacti grown at home.I used newspaper to make Mexican folk art flowers in the background. The pot is made in Pop art.

A4, newspaper, acrylic, colored pencils and ink pens

I love animals, nature and art.

I have expressed my love for animals drawing one of her favourite animals Hedgehog, the hedgehog's body is drawn in Bohemian Art style as the animals make nature beautiful. The background is blended with Pop art to pitray my love for art and my fav style pop art. My love for nature, and flowers done in Mexican Folk art


A4, newspaper, acrylic, colored pencils and ink pens

Ancre 2

Zoha says: "..., and YOU?"

Dialogues with our artistic languages

Be myself 

This is a self Picasso portrait of Zoha. Portraying her expression of her favourite hobbies and passion, that is love for art and nature. 


She loves exploring nature and drawing nature like flowers, animals. Her favourite form of art is Pop art.


So basically this art is about a favourite hobby.


A4, newspaper, acrylic, colored pencils and ink pens

The other artists in the exhibition answer "..."

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