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LooLooLook Art Gallery and MONO Japanese Art Gallery present

A trip to the land of the rising sun

Online exhibition

The online exhibition "A Journey to the Land of the Rising Sun" at Galerie LooLooLook, in partnership with Galerie MONO Japanese Art, brings together a set of three outstanding Japanese contemporary artists: Ryosuke ANDO, Shinya TAMAI and EKAMAKA , some of whom will be unveiled to the French public for the first time.

This collective exhibition mirrors thecontemporary Japanese art scene.The succession of Japanese traditionand spirits, and the poeticreinterpretation of them by reflectingJapanese pop culture such as Mangaand Animation.



TAMAI's painting follows traditional Japanese painting techniques. The basis of the painting is Japanese paper, which is still produced in several regions. The painting uses the pigments: suihi and iwa-enogu, as well as gold and silver leaves and powder. The fixing agent is gelatin called nikawa.


The "Cloud" series is one of Ryosuke's flagship works. He has a charming expression that makes us smile as if he's holding a cloud above his head and pointing at his mouth. The smooth milky white texture is also distinctive. He skillfully manipulates the hard porcelain to fully express the softness of the clouds.

3 It’s secret between us Size_33.3cm×24.2㎝ Weight _200g.jpg


EKAMAKA uses the oil painting technique and uses canvases in various shapes. Soft colors and its theme is fantastic. She makes us travel and recognize the islands of Okinawa that she adores through her colors and her exotic characters.

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