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Aiden G.

I am WHO am I


Series - POP Art


Aiden G.

Artist - Aiden G. (10, autistic child) expresses both his poetic imaginations and his arduous confrontation with the world in his artworks. It is moving and impressive!

Aiden G. expresses himself freely using all the techniques for his artworks: painting, drawing, sculpture, animation, etc.


Aiden G's SOLO EXPO offers you an immersive tour experience in three parts:

- Series: Abstract Art

- Series: POP Art

- Series: Digital Art


Discover the talent, the new outlook and the exceptional career of Artist Aiden G.


Aiden G.'s work portfolio at @ on Instagram.

Aiden G. is a co-founder of the international non-profit postal art project, The Courrier - see and @ the.courrier on Instagram.

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