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between engravings and drawings

Rong GUO

Born in Shanghai where she completed her artistic studies, Rong Guo came to France where she lives today in 2008 in order to perfect her training in engraving and painting. A joie de vivre, humor also emanate from his creative compositions in which his inventiveness is discovered. Young women, seated or standing, seeming to perform a lively dance, have their faces buried under a profusion of unusual elements assembled in a sometimes dizzying whirlwind. They are also everyday, insignificant objects that make a frantic round, jostle, overlap. But beneath these cheerful-looking notes hides, it seems, the repetitive weight of life, the burden to bear, overwhelming at times and which we no longer want to see.

Rong Guo asserts herself as an excellent draftsman, she multiplies different lines with talent, combines shadow and light, describes the bodies with precision but without excess. She takes a real liberty with the characters who, when one carefully observes the engraving, stand out from the whole.

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